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What clients say about us


Loes Schrijvers, Global Learning Manager Unilever


“The Smartenup learning environment is of great added value to us. It is complete, practical, suitable for all levels and accessible with a single mouse click. It makes it easy to integrate the development of your Excel skills into your everyday activities. Users can continue their training whenever it suits them, and thanks to the search functionality, the answer to any Excel-related question is always at their fingertips. At Unilever, we believe this is the most effective way to learn: learning by doing.”

Debbie Deurlinger, Category Development Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises


“We love the combination of classroom Excel training and the Smartenup learning environment (self-study) training. We were very enthusiastic about the training and the trainers alike. They taught us a lot of new skills in a very effective way. The training program design was based on a sound proposal by Smartenup and included all the additions we had asked for. It provided colleagues with extra stimulation to work on their Excel self-study (Smartenup toolbar) both prior to and after the training. Before long, everyone had discovered that the toolbar allows them to learn and train new skills at any level.”

Ethie van Rees, HR / L&D Officer at Samsung Electronics


“As one of their first clients, we were captivated with the practical nature of the Smartenup learning environment from the start. Our enthusiasm has only grown since then as a result of all the developments Smartenup has achieved by integrating training sessions and implementing the Learning Journey. Our people are being involved and challenged at their own level and pace. For a dynamic and demanding company like ours, this is a perfect way to meet everyone’s learning needs and preferred methods. Even those who used to fear Excel, now see the benefits and are confident in using it. Keep at it, and keep innovating!”

Micha Reuter, Projectmanager, Consultant en Lecturer & Fontys Logistics Expertise Center


“In order to meet the requirements of Fontys University and its students, we went for the ‘Smartenup Excel toolbar’: an intuitive and comprehensive online Excel training. The entire look and feel as well as the content and modules, were (and are) fully customized to our requirements. The fact that the toolbar is embedded in Excel makes it easy to work with. Every student has installed the software directly, gaining access to the teacher for any questions they may have and even Smartenup themselves, who are always ready to help. Our communication with Smartenup is very open and uncomplicated. It has grown into a true partnership.”