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Storytelling with Data

Learning how to create insights from your data?

Analyzing your data is one thing, presenting your insights is another. Which chart works best with which insight and how do you create a strong PowerPoint deck that narrates and supports the story you would like to tell? You will learn it here!

What you will learn in the Storytelling with Data Training?

  • The buildup of a good slide.
  • Which titles suits your slide.
  • Which visualizations work best for which types of data

For whom is the Storytelling with Data training?

For professionals who:

  • Need to create slide decks to share their insights with others.
  • Tell a compelling story by visualizing their data. By making use of storytelling, your data will have more impact.
  • Would like to learn more about charts and data visualization.


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Lucas de Lange

Medior trainer

Bram van de Water

Senior trainer

Willem Beltman

Senior trainer

Eric Haase

Senior trainer

Tjarda Lamsma

Junior trainer

Didi van den Akker

Junior trainer

Joppe Stins

Senior trainer

Tommie Leisink

Senior trainer