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Power Query: Bigger Data in Excel Training

Do you want to learn how to work with datasets that are too big for Excel?

Do you work with datasets of over a million points? Do you have Excel files with 200k+ rows that are becoming increasingly slow? Would you like to connect different data sources to your Excel file without importing the data? During this training you will learn to process large amount of data effortlessly while still working within the familiar Excel environment!

In the first part of the training we will go through a high pace classroom case together to discover the possibilities of Power Query. In the second part we will challenge you to build a data model of your own, to ensure that you will be able to apply the techniques immediately after the training!

What you will learn in the Power Query: Bigger Data in Excel Training?

You will learn to:

  • Load in different data sources in Power Query
  • Clean up your data and combine data sets
  • Use the Power Query data model in Excel

For whom is the Power Query: Bigger Data in Excel meant?

For professionals who:

  • Are working with files that are becoming slower due to a large amount of rows and formulas
  • Work with data sets containing more than a million rows
  • Want to learn more about Power Query
  • Want to develop their analytical skillset further


If you have any further questions, you can contact us via mail or via the chat.

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Willem Beltman

Senior trainer

Lucas de Lange

Medior trainer

Bram van de Water

Senior trainer

Joppe Stins

Senior trainer

Tjarda Lamsma

Junior trainer

Tommie Leisink

Senior trainer

Eric Haase

Senior trainer

Didi van den Akker

Junior trainer