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Power BI training

Would you like to learn how to create impressive Power BI dashboards in 3,5 hours?




Due to the current Covid 19 situation, we have postponed our classroom sessions. The safety and health of our participants and trainers are our number 1 priority.


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Power BI is the new tool to visualize large data sets from multiple sources. With Power BI you process and visualize large amounts of data in visually attractive dashboards which you can in turn derive insights from real time! In this Power BI training we will teach you to create powerful dashboards. Whether the data source is an online server or an Excel file, Power BI is the solution!

Oftentimes there are multiple stakeholders in the organisation that are dependent on dashboards, and as such have to be able to derive insights from these dashboards relatively easily. During the training we will teach you to not only create visually appealing dashboards, but also how to share these with other people in your organization. In doing so, they can interactively look at your dashboards and get the information they need. How we will do this? You can find out below.

In the picture below you can find an example of a dashboard we will create during the training.


What you will learn in the Power BI training?

You will learn to:

  • Build a dashboard with attractive visualizations from several data sources
  • Load in- and edit data sources in the Power Query data model
  • Make use of DAX formulas to conduct deep analyses of your data
  • Create powerful visualizations and ‘click through’ dashboards
  • Publish and share online dashboards with other people in your organization

For whom is the Power BI training?

For professionals who:

  • Analyze large datasets and share them with their team or organisation
  • Visualize data on a regular basis
  • Are looking for the next generation of tooling


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Joppe Stins

Senior trainer

Lucas de Lange

Medior trainer

Tommie Leisink

Senior trainer

Bram van de Water

Senior trainer

Eric Haase

Senior trainer

Didi van den Akker

Junior trainer

Willem Beltman

Senior trainer

Tjarda Lamsma

Junior trainer