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We built a Power BI dashboard for Microsoft!

Have you ever cooked a meal for your favorite chef or cut your barber’s hair? Me neither, but that’s how it felt when we were asked to help Microsoft to create a Power BI dashboard for them. We are very humbled and are super happy with the end result.

The demand for insight into Microsoft Cloud Event Finder

In 2019, Microsoft launched their Cloud Event Finder page for their partners to organize and attend online events and workshops to generate new leads and accelerate opportunities. Partners can register their training, webinar or event through the Microsoft Partner channel. Microsoft asked us to create insight into the usage of the platform.

The Business Intelligence dashboard in Power BI

We created a Power BI dashboard that gave insight in the number of events and attendees per country, supplier and solution. We also visualized the development of clicks, conversion and engagements on the cloud event page. This gives Microsoft structural weekly insights about the status and development of the platform which helps them in their decision making. They are also able to track what courses & events are doing well and what level of activity partners have on an international level.


The dashboard is fed with real-time data, is fully dynamic with clickable visualizations and filters. Next to an overview page, we created additional deep dives with drill-down functionality.

Great example of our data consultancy approach

This Microsoft Power BI dashboard is a good example of how we work in data consultancy projects:


    • Process improvement next to insight

Before we can create any dashboard we improve the data process in two ways. First, by creating an efficient data load process. Second, by validating all underlying data sources and making sure that the information that is being loaded is correct!


    • We help you determine what’s most important to show

We challenge you by asking the right questions and contributing with our expertise and experience what KPIs and datapoints are interesting to show based on your need. If you don’t know what data to show, no problem! We are here to help you!


    • Clear, easy- to- understand visuals

We choose the right visuals for your data. With over 6 years of experience in consultancy projects and the best practices from our Dashboarding course and Storytelling with data training, we choose the best way to show insight: Whether it is a chart, a table or any other form. Our motto: clear, easy to read and relevant.


    • Dynamic dashboards which last for years

The data load, charts, table and visualizations we build are dynamic; this means it does not matter if you add more countries, products, years, month or other categories in future months or years. This implies you can use our dashboards for years to come!


    • Transferred to internal owner

Once we deliver a project, we rarely hear back from our contact person since we transfer the ownership back to you through a transfer meeting, great documentation and 1 on 1 training. We are nevertheless always available for questions, alterations or new assignments!


What challenges do you face in working with data? We love to meet you and hear about any needs or issues you are facing. Drop by for a coffee, email or call us! If you want to know more about our projects, please download our consultancy portfolio or get in touch!