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Best self-study Excel training in the world.

Why? We have the most institutive Excel training solution through our in-Excel integrated toolbar/add-in. Learn Excel in Excel! Open the training with one click. Watch video’s or examples or dive right into the many exercises. Up to you! Download a life-time trial version to explore 40 modules, 20 charts and 40 shortcuts. Enjoy!

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Why our Excel Toolbar?

More fun & effective than your average Excel training.

  • Arnoud Krijt
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Uniti Group Inc.
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    Advisor & Founder at It’s public

Smartenup toolbar is the best solution to onboard new hires and get them up to speed within 1 week into their role

By far the best Excel training in the world! Complete



Giving you access to our shortcuts and chart gallery for an indefinite time. Plus 40 modules to explore!

  • 40 modules
  • From basic to expert
  •  VLOOKUP & INDEX/MATCH  available
  • All Smartenup shortcuts fully available
  • Trial license code: ExcelNOW




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All Excel formulas and techniques everyone should know if you work with a computer.

  • 53 modules – Level 1, 2 and 3 combined
  • VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, Text & Date formulas
  • Extensive Pivot table section
  • All Smartenup shortcuts fully available



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Everything that Excel has to offer with lots of advanced content.

  • 107 modules – Essentials + Level 4 -6
  • Lots of time savers & advanced formula usage
  • All Smartenup shortcuts fully available




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