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Our Excel trainings

We train people in analytical skills, a skillset that has become more important today than ever before. True improvement does not happen overnight. It is a process. We use Excel to create a proper foundation. Keep in mind that you are not signing up for boring Excel lectures. This is a learning journey with true impact.

Discover your level

Effective learning journeys

Becoming better with data is not a one-minute trick. At Smartenup you learn actual skills when it comes to data. We do this through energetic short learning interventions, at your own level and pace. Once you have completed a Journey, you will receive a Smartenup certificate and you will be ready for the next step.


First things first. Before you can start your training journey, we begin with an assessment. A couple of short questions will help you find out within 2 minutes what training level your journey should start at. This ensures that our Excel and all other training is a perfect fit you.

1st Online training 1 hour

Now that you know your level, the learning journey can begin. The first step is a 1-hour, high-energy training session.

In this online training session, our trainers run you through the appropriate Excel level. The fact that they are true Excel geeks, does not mean you will be dosing away. Our online Excel training consists of energetic sessions where we inspire, motivate and make sure you are completely ready to get started on your own!

Self-study 3-4 hours

After this training session you will apply the techniques in exercises in Excel, and with the self-study receive all the help that you need. To help you, we created our own unique Smartenup toolbar that is fully integrated in Excel. Video’s, examples, exercises, everything that you need you can find in the toolbar. The beauty of it, is that you don’t have to leave Excel for it. You can see it as you own personal Excel trainer that is available to you 24/7.

2nd online training 1 hour

After several hours of self-study within the toolbar, it is time for a second online session. During this 1-hour online training, you get to ask questions and we will cover the remaining techniques of the Excel level.

Self-study 2-4 hours

Following the training session, you will continue your self-study of Excel through the Smartenup toolbar, fully integrated into Excel.

Test + certificate

Time to demonstrate what you have learned during your journey. Of course, passing the test will earn you a certificate for the level you completed. You can now confidently proceed to the next level. How far you want to get is completely up to you.

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